I’ve been wanting to blog for quite some time now. What held me back from doing it was mainly the thought of having redundant content. The perks of starting to program professionally within the Rails community is that most of the challenging things that you’d normally come across would have well-explained solutions present - be it blog posts, video tutorials, stack overflow answers, etc. This is of course very fortunate for budding programmers, as one just needs to master the art of Google-fu.

But I now realize that this line of thought is incorrect. Redundancy here also gives out different perspectives. And it might be your perspective that would resonate and provide a better understanding to a particular individual. This notion is beautifully presented out on a keynote by Jessica Kerr at ElixirConf 2015. If you are to imagine a flight of stairs as a path to technical nirvana. The person up on top might be the expert but he/she wouldn’t be able to guide you to your next step as swiftly as the person just one step above you.

In my hustle to climb up the stairs, planning to be motivated and create out content for folks who’d follow.

And by programmer tradition - this snippet goes here without saying:

puts 'Hello world!'